I edit after publishing, a lot. Not just commas and capitals. Sometimes I take out whole posts. Mainly the ones that, on reading after publishing, and so in hindsight, give me a hot flush they’re so bad. Sorry if sometimes  things that are there one minute are gone the next.

I believe in everything and nothing.

I don’t breastfeed my cat. Eeew - just imagine really doing that...

I don’t have a cat.

I am not young and beautiful.

I'm blonde but don't let that get in the way of you taking me seriously - I will put on spectacles if I have to, I've heard it nullifies the effects of blonde misconceptions.

I started blogging because I was hoping I might get rich and famous.

My Microsoft Word says that blogging is not a word.


  1. I eNjoy you. It is comforting to know you don't BF a cat. I was pretty sure you didn't. Thanks for clarifying that issue. I edit blog posts as well, but I rarely remove anything, mostly updates, or clarifications. My parents told me that I started life out being very light colored with my hair, but it has always been very brown for what I can remember. Imagine if there were other things your parents forgot to tell you, such as, oh, yes, we forgot to tell you that when you were younger
    A) Navaho Indians abducted you for five years - they thought you were their reincarnated leader. Turns out you were, but we stole you back.
    B) You used to have a tail, but it fell off when you were three. We tried to save it but the cat tried to eat it. The cat died a few days later.
    C) About the time you lost your tail, the fire breathing (like a dragon) began. Luckily having your onsils removed took care of that situation.

  2. Item C was s'pposed to be "tonsils" but the silly editor wouldn't let me insert a t.

  3. Thanks esbboston, I like enjoy you too. I had my onsils removed also, so that's why I can't breathe fire...


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