Friday, 4 September 2015

The Art of Fencing

'You add suffering to the world just as much when you take a fence as when you give a fence.'
Ben Z Knees Jr

'We should be too big to take a fence and too noble to give it.'
Abe Dinkum

Through a blunderous mistake on my part recently, an old friend took a fence when I didn't intend for her to take one. I apologized, but her hurt and anger was so strong and she was so determined to have a fence that there was nothing I could do to prevent it. A fence appeared out of nowhere.
Sensing my character under attack I took a fence also. And here we sit, behind our fences.
When fences get really big they become walls.

There are some really big fences, or walls, in the world...

The Hate Wall of China
Hate-rian's Wall in Britain
and of course the Hate-lin Wall  in Germany which was dismantled by people sick of fences - there are pieces of it in living rooms all over Europe to remind people not to take a fence.
All these fences were built for the same reason as my friend's and mine - to keep people out and keep people in.

I've decided to make a real effort in future not to take a fence.
Besides only a horse can take a fence.

Some words of advice - if you do decide to take a fence make sure you put a gate in it.



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