Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Face Lift

Staying on top of aging has never been easier.

Last Christmas I attended a week long music festival in Queensland.
I went alone.
I was single again, free, I could go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
I was young again. A new woman. Reborn.
For six days I danced, laughed and applauded and on the seventh I rested.

New Year's morning, on my back, in my tent, reluctant to pack up and drive the long drive home, I rummaged for a mirror to apply a bit of makeup.
I gazed sleepily into my reflection, suddenly startled by the image that greeted me.

A younger, fresher me looked back.
Gone were the worry lines on my brow, the laugh creases at my mouth and crows feet edging my eyes. In their place was smooth skin, bright and new.

'Crikey' I exclaimed to no-one ' all this dancing and having fun has taken years off my aging face!' and 'it REALLY IS TRUE what they say about having a good time.'

My new found youth lasted only a minute.

Checking my earrings, I found my wrinkles hiding behind them, sniggering and chortling...

This revelation complicates for me the question of who is on top.
Do you look into the face of your aging partner? or do you let him see the aging you, as all your excess skin falls forward, diminishing your eyes and swelling your jowls? Lucky our sight worsens as our bodies do.
Making love in the dark is much underrated and me thinks it's kinda sexy.
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