Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Short Black and White

I have been drawing regularly at a local cafe in my home town.
The cafe is called The Vintage Nest and is full of lovely collectable old stuff.
People go there to have coffee with friends - or their laptop, and I go there to draw them.
I have to draw them really quickly because you wouldn't believe how much people move around when they're drinking coffee.

I'm exhibiting the drawings at the cafe in September and I've started a blog called short black and white for the project. 


  1. Oooh, I love this! I visited the short black and white blog and there is a rich little story in each black and white. Great work, great idea!

  2. That is cool. I used to draw people in church a veRy long time ago. I used stippling. In church you have the advantage of people sitting rather stiLL and the art helps when the speaker isn't.

    1. Now that IS cool - they DO keep really still eh...oh esbboston does this mean I have to go back to church to draw? I had thought hospitals might be a good venue, but I might catch something.

  3. You drew that FAST???

    That would take me about a bazillion years and it still wouldn't look like anything.

    Checking out the new blog now!


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