Sunday, 28 April 2013

Back in 10 minutes

It's been a while eh?
I've missed all my blogging friends...

I wonder about all that's happened to you guys in the last 10 months.
Have you had babies...divorced...changed sex...

I was going to prepare a montage with appropriate music for this, my first post in ten months...
But as you can see I didn't.

I handed out a lot of business cards over the time I was gone - with this blog's address on it.

People might have come here while I was away.

They heard the lonely wind howling in the emptiness, the banging of unemployed doors on loose hinges...and if they lingered they might have seen tumbleweeds roll across this, this void in the blogosphere.

They might have seen Trolls...You know the sort of Troll I mean. Those that drop in without an invitation, leave an automated response saying how wonderful your blog is and would you like to come by their site sometime. Advertising Trolls...

I wouldn't like one of those mating with my undertroll .
I know they were here because they kept leaving their scats in my mailbox.


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