Thursday, 12 April 2012

Email to My Sister In Law

Great to read all your news. So nice to hear you're enjoying your granddaughters. I can't even let myself entertain the thought of grandchildren, worried I might jinx myself.
It's good to know you're healthy and well. I think we don't often hear of the successes with beating cancer because nobody reports good news. My friend who had bladder cancer said cancer is cells mutating through constant damage and puts her cancer down to smoking a lot when younger as it's common in women who do so.

The boys and I went on an overnight walk on Easter Saturday into a steep gorge by a river. 
We camped Saturday night by the water and were due back Sunday night but made a few bad mistakes and decisions and took the 'scenic' route out.
We ended up spending Sunday night on the side of a narrow, steep ridge with little drinking water and 700 metres above the river. In hindsight I realize we weren't in danger as we could have struggled back down the ridge to the river in the morning and retraced our steps to find the track, but being inexperienced with such a situation, we were very scared we were in real trouble. 
After a restless night, in the morning son no 2 went up the ridge and found the track - only about fifteen minutes walk away.

Although I feel quite silly about us getting into a fix in the bush since I'm supposed to know what I'm doing, I'm proud we did so well in a semi-survival situation.
When we were trying to sleep on our 45 degree leafy bed (with our feet against trees to stop us sliding downhill) I said to son no 1,
'Every day life stuff doesn't seem all that hard now'.
'Yeah,' he said, 'I'll never think a college assignment is difficult again'.

Funny though, now I'm back to normal life (with all it's crap), being stuck on a ridge in the middle of nowhere sounds good.
It's all a matter of perspective.

I hope I have a granddaughter one day, love Julie. XO

PS The view is always better from the top...

Saturday afternoon.

Monday morning.

Post Script: Hello and welcome to Taryn who is doing a Jelly good job of the A - Z challenge over at Taryn in Crazyland!



  1. Sometimes we get stuck to make us slow down. At least I think so - beautiful view. :)

  2. Lovely photo. Julie, you wrote an old-school letter in a an email. I'll bet your sis-in-law loved it. in these days of tweets and texts, people so rarely take the time to sit down and write a real letter.

    1. Yeah I do tend to write old school letters. I had a pen pal once...

  3. You are awesome! I can't even handle going on a day trip in a controlled situation. I can't even imagine getting temporarily side tracked over night in the bush. Love the letter and the pictures.

    1. Thanks Amy, it was a special time. A shame my boys don't think so. They say they won't ever go bush walking again!


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