Thursday, 5 April 2012


A couple of months ago I advertised for a guinea pig friend to come and live with our Gouda. She knew she was coming to a home that was committed to the freedom of piggies and that she would free range - because I told her so. She was with us three weeks before something got her in the night. Being a white piggy she would have been easily seen in the dark and now I realize I should have coloured her hair for camouflage.

Last week I bought another piggy to keep Gouda company, a younger piggy, but she's keen to learn from her elders. She is a caramel colour and because she came into our lives close to Easter I'm calling her Cheeses.

All our piggies have been called after some sort of fromage. First we had Coon, then Colby (both boys). Gouda was next and the white one came with a name already (something silly that wasn't a cheese), so she was doomed from the start.

Cheeses is a good name because if Cheeses disappears tomorrow (Good Friday) I know she'll be back on Sunday.



  1. Replies
    1. Skwishee thank you for the HA! - wasn't sure I'd get one.

  2. Hahaha (I WIN) No seriously... this is funny, you are funny, I like your blog. I just felt the need to comment barf about how much I like it :) Love Elle xo

    1. Thanks Elle, nice to meet you, love Julie XO :)

  3. LOL! This is the funniest post ever! We are not very religious but if need be, I will honor the rising of Cheeses from the dead on Sunday.

    1. It's good Friday evening and so far Cheeses is still with us after our dog helped her narrow escape from the jaws of a goanna.


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