Monday, 19 March 2012


Welcome to the funny cartoon type bloggers, multi personalitied funny Susan from Super Earthling, the clever Ellen (help send her into space) from Defenestrated Feet, and to the sensitive and talented writer Gweenbrick who has come to find out how old I am and has three guesses at my age. If he guesses to within a year of the right age he wins this beautiful pink edged sailing ship antique place mat which could be older than me.

Welcome also to Nina with whom I have shared many artistic posts on google+.

I'm always surprised, excited and humbled (in that order) when I have a new guest. I wonder what you've read to make you want to come back and hope you won't be disappointed.

Autumn is in the air here in Oz. It's been quiet here lately. My typing fingers have been avoiding my brain and I've even taken to re-reading old posts...reminiscing about my early days as a new blogger - last November - when I first went Into the Wild.



  1. I sometimes read through my own posts.I just pick one here and there. I even sometimes feel an emotion, whether it be happiness, laughter, sadness, or "Oh my, I totally feel the same way" then I realize, oh yeah, it's my own blog I'm reading.
    I also like to randomly pick some of my favorite bloggers, and read some of their archives. It is the same as looking forward to snuggling up with a good book.

    1. Yeah - funny how old posts can seem like someone else wrote them, someone that you used to know and now they're on holiday or moved interstate.

  2. This was so nice! Thanks so much for the welcome and the mention. Very much appreciated. :)


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