Thursday, 1 March 2012

Another one!

I got another award from the lovely Lilly at The Incoherent Ramblings of a Moose - she has a very funny/thoughtful/creative (pretty much an all rounder actually) blog and is a nice woman who I would love to ask to dinner sometime if she's ever in the area...thank you Lilly!

It's pretty isn't it? It comes with rules that are meant to be broken but I'll try not to.

I like pink and green.
My bedspread has pink and green on it.
I inherited a dinner service from my mum that is pink and green.
It was 38 degrees in our upstairs bedroom today.
My 16yr old son went to school for the first time this year.
I started school when I was four.
We have a composting toilet.
I prefer raspberry flavour to strawberry. 
My toe nails need clipping.
I like random factorizing.

10 Random facts are much more interesting when people don't expect them.

I'm passing this award on to the following 6 bloggers...

Skwishee at Just a Mom a mum with creative talent, patience and girls!
Amy at the artistic, warm and beautiful This House Gets Crazy at Three O'clock
Where Have all the Hobos Gone? creative, funny and cute.
J. Rose at I'd like cheese on my entire family - incredible cartoons and funny stuff and then check out her art blog the art of J.Rose .
and lastly a blog that was one of the first I followed and that followed me - esbboston at  My worlds my words my worries - think maths crossed with thoughtfulness.


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