Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sugar, and Spice, and Everything Nice.

For Leap Blog Day I invited Skwishee from Just a Mum? (spelled with a U!) to blog for me. Go check her out for more sugar and spice, creative craft and daily musing from a lovely woman and great mum with a U.

Hi there! I know you were expecting Julie, but she's not here right now. Actually, she's over at my place playing with my kids and I'm just hanging out here while she's gone. Julie's got a couple of boys and I've got a couple of girls, you see, so we thought it would be fun for her to see if the grass is any pinker on the other side.

When people think of little girls, they tend to think frills, pink, sparkles and tea parties. And justified or not, boys conjure up images of dirt covered wrecking balls. I can freely admit, now that I've got two of them, that yes, I was kind of hoping for girls. I know about little girls, after all - I had been one.

I was not a loud kid. I liked to read and draw. Sometimes I was so quiet that people didn't even know I was there. (That still happens occasionally.) I actually used to hide under tables when I felt there were too many people around. While there was the odd time that I'd be quietly cutting my own hair or drawing on the wall, for the most part I was a quiet, "well-behaved" girl.

I also (as most parents do) imagined how life would be once we had children. There would be arts and crafts, there would be gardening and reading together. We would do puzzles and I would teach them to sew.

Turns out, just because they're girls, doesn't mean they're me.

Crafts do happen at my house, as does gardening. There is even the odd quiet moment when we can all be found sitting around the living room reading (or being read to). But more often than not, there are knights chasing dragons through the kitchen or superheroes saving stuffed animals from being eaten by monsters. Every game they play is at top speed and top volume. 

As watch my girls wrestling among their blocks or listen to them bellow at each other from across the apartment, I see that I was a bit delusional in my prenatal imaginings.

Because boys and girls are fundamentally the same. They learn, and grow, and develop their own personalities; whatever they may be. My girls like sports. They enjoy building things. They like to play pirates, and astronauts, and robots. They also like sparkly things and princess dresses.

I used to wonder what it might be like if I had had boys, and now I think I know. It would be exactly the same; but with less french braiding and more penis.

You know, I think I'd better be getting home now. I just want to make sure Julie's okay over there... somehow I don't think she's getting quite what she expected.


  1. Thanks for looking after the shop while I was gone Skwishee. Sorry about the mess back at yours but, your know, with the time distance and flights and all - hang on that excuse won't wash - I'm ahead in time...

  2. Bahaha @ "less French braiding and more penis". I was a dirt-covered pink wrecking ball as a kid. Unless I had a book in my hands, in which case I was quiet for hours.

    1. It's easier to overlook the behaviour when it's quiet. I managed my share of destruction and mayhem... but nobody noticed because I wasn't screaming my fool head of while I did it. I was also a *smart* kid. ;)

  3. Ha ha! Sound like my type of girls. :)

    1. They're pretty awesome. (Especially if you've got some earplugs.)

  4. Don't ruin the fantasy. I often sit back and pretend a bunch of french-braided, quiet little girls would take over the wrecking crew that is my life. Ah, grass is always greener, I s'ppose. Great post!

    1. And I often dream about short hair that doesn't need braiding every morning, and children who don't talk in squeaky high-pitched voices when they play pretend. :)

      Thanks :)

  5. Great post! Love this!



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