Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Look what I got...

I got an award!
It's invisible though so I can't show you but if you hop over to mothersofbrothers I can prove that MOV gave it to me (the award silly).
I don't have an acceptance speech prepared so here's one I stole from Cate Blanchett...

Or this one from Clint Eastwood

Now here's thing. I'm suppose to give MOV a million dollars which I don't have but I'm gonna take the award anyhow. I have to pass on the award to five other blogs or two if I'm lazy. I can't go between with this at three and a half - damn I hate prime numbers! And how do I give it to anyone without offending anyone that I don't give it to? Sorry to all the other blogs I follow - it was hard to choose.
Half of these blogs are relatively new and have a low membership, some of these people may not be following me - that's okay I still want to give it to you anyway (the award silly).

To Awesomesauce and other Experiments for her fine food and good company.
To This House Gets Crazy at Three O'clock for amaaaaazing illustrations and stories about life and family.
To Wendy at On the Front Porch a very talented writer of wow proportions.
To Jessica at Hey Lola who has tons of helpful hints for your relationship and knows how you should dress your husband.
To Stephanie at Clay Baboons for her incredibe creative clay stories.

And I'm supposed to answer the question 'What made you write?' I like to draw and to me - pictures and words go hand in hand.



  1. Hi Julie!

    You deserve the award! :) Love your speeches. And that was totally a typo about the million dollars, you are supposed to send me a million DOLPHINS, which should be much cheaper. Sorry about the confusion on that.

    I checked out all the links you recommended, and am completely besotted with the Clay Baboon lady. Awesome! Thanks for introducing me to her brilliance.

    Have a great day, and let me know when you have shipped the dolphins.


  2. Yaah Julie! You deserve awards by the bucketful!! :)

    1. You do too Lilly, and I'm happy to be in the same batch with you :)

  3. Thank you! I'm honoured! (And very glad to have found your blog...)

    1. S'okay, cheers Stephanie. Love your sculptural stories.


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