Monday, 2 January 2012

Please be Seated

See - I turned to look at you lot, acknowledging your presence and one of you did a runner.
It's a strange feeling - losing a follower.
But I made a new friend also - welcome to Jenny who doesn't blog but is a creative scientist. 
Some people call their readers members but since reading a pornographic story in 'Forum' magazine (when I was too young to) in which a 'swollen member' was mentioned I can't bring myself to say the word without a lot of concentration.
Anyway I thought I should offer more comfy chairs and glasses of wine - or cordial if you prefer, because I don't want you to feel unwelcome and run away. Then I got to thinking about my share house days in Sydney and how my housemates and I used to get into my bed  on cold nights and watch movies. We could do that, but it can be dangerous...

I lived with a girl with as strange a sense of humour as I have, maybe stranger.
One rainy morning in the kitchen after breakfast she whispered to me, 'Shh' and holding my arm led me to the open doorway of my bedroom.

On my bed was the usual mound of blankets and sheets, 'Shh - Julie's still asleep' she whispered, 'Let's jump on her and wake her up!' She smiled mischievously and although I got it, I was reluctant because I was vaguely aware of someone banging on the locked door inside my brain - the adult Julie that knew something bad was going to happen. But hey, who listens to the little adult in their brain on a Sunday morning, after a drunken dinner party the night before, when there's silliness to be had?

'Ready...set...go!' and she and I ran screaming like idiots over to the (wooden slatted) bed.
'Aaaaaaah!' we yelled together as we launched ourselves up and onto the pile of linen, 125 kilograms of 23 yr old female insanity.
There was an almighty crack and a crash followed closely behind it as we, the linen, the mattress and ten planks of wood hit the floor.
As our mass of tangled arms and legs fell to earth my friend's knee came down and connected with my nose in a final crack that showed on the doctor's x-ray later as a fracture. It filled my face with blue and black for a week.

No, on second thoughts, Ill find chairs for all of you.



  1. Actually I find the "Followers" tool in Blogger is highly unreliable. It doesn't show my follower information very well at all. There are typically a certain group of five or a certain one that doesn't show up, either on my main blog page, or the total number on the dashboard, or when you open up the management tool, or should I say mis-management?

  2. Yes - I've heard this happen before but I think this one is one that got away. It's okay though, all part of a blogger's life I guess.

  3. Trying for the 3rd time to let you know I'm here. Sent over by MOV. And I always do as I'm told. Kind of.

  4. Even now, I’m bothered whenever I lose a reader. I always wonder why. What did I say? what did I do? But, it happens. People are fickle – some fickler than others.

    I love the idea of violently jumping on beds. But, for now I’ll take a seat and keep my nose intact. Mine’s a gin and tonic please :)

  5. Lori - hi! I can suddenly hear my mum saying 'Do what you're told!' - things have changed in parenting I guess, I use a mix of reverse psychology and objective argument.

    BFKA - Yeah I went through that list also, I don't really mind I'd rather lose a follower than annoy someone if they don't like my blog. esbboston said he has five that don't show up on his list. Maybe I have two hundred that don't :) I'll leave your gin and tonic on the bedside table.

  6. awww..Thanks - my first blog mention. I feel so giddy!

  7. 'sokay Jennie. I am wondering what sort of blog a scientist might have if they did. It would be interesting.


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