Wednesday, 18 January 2012

On cooking, parenting, scrap booking and Jesus

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Over at we band of mothers leap blog day is all the talk. This is a bit like going to a dance and everyone sitting on the sidelines waiting to be asked.
It has been mentioned by some that they might have difficulty tackling a subject that is not their usual eg Cooking, scrap booking, Jesus and being thoughtful parents.

Since I also find the above four topics a challenge I thought I'd practice with the following story which is not intended to be irreverent...

Cockadoodledoo! A rooster crows as a brand new day dawns over Bethlehem.

A frightened four year old Jesus throws off a hemp blanket and runs through the doorway of his earthen hovel home outside into a dusky dawn.
His mother Mary is bent over an outside fire pouring batter onto a hot griddle making elephant pancakes.
He runs to her and they embrace 'Oh sweetie, what's the matter?' she asks, combing her fingers through his sweat dampened hair, 'Not another bad dream?'
Sobbing, Jesus tells mum about his nightmare...

'It was (sniff) scary - just scary!'
Mary wipes his tears away with her head scarf.
'Not the book thing again?' she sighs.
Jesus looks away into the dust beyond the fire, 'Yes,, and...the other things too'.
'Are you okay darling? Do you want to talk about it? It will do you good to get it out...'
Jesus looks into the eyes of his mother and, finding safety in their brown depths, he bravely continues.

'There was paper with patterns, too many patterns, they were screaming at me!'
Mary pulls him closer to her and flips a pancake, 'go on darling'.
'Then there was white sticky stuff all on my fingers and I couldn't do anything because my fingers were stuck together and there were sticky picture things, little things like numbers and letters and flowers and hearts - all sorts of things, that got stuck to me all over and tried to get in my nose...' he takes a deep breath, 'there was lots of pictures - pictures of babies, everywhere, I could hardly move.. and pictures of grown ups kissing and pictures of dogs'.

Mary removes a browned elephant pancake from the fire and pours more batter onto the sizzling griddle. She sits back and puts her arm around her son and kisses his worried forehead.
'Go on, there's more isn't there?'

'Yes...I don't know why but they make me cut all these picture things and stick them in the book and my fingers are sticky and the cutting thing won't cut and everything gets stuck to it and it's horrible!'

Jesus breaks down and sobs into his mother's lap as Joseph emerges from the hovel. He looks askance at Mary.
'Not the dream again?' he asks.
Mary sighs and strokes Jesus on the back lovingly, 'Yes - the dream... do me a favour honey will you and flip the pancake?'

Jesus grew strong on fine cooking and good parenting. The nightmares about scrap booking eventually abated.


  1. That picture and caption is amazing. I want to frame it and hang copies of it everywhere.

    1. Be my guest Jessica. Thanks - I really enjoyed drawing it.

  2. You should draw pictures more. You are a real artist :)

    1. Thanks BD. By the way I have played hide and seek with my dog also.

  3. Julie I don't think that anyone else could have incorporated all those subjects into one post but you. Excellent!

  4. Well done. And thanks for getting us all off the hook!

    1. Ta Marianne, hook? Now fishing - there's a challenge!

  5. Hey, Julie - has anyone tapped you to guest blog yet?

    1. Nope. :\

      ...but I was hoping you'd consider being my guest blogger?

      Let me know :)

    2. Only if you do me the honour of posting on mine also, please...

  6. You are aware that I'm a little neurotic and tend to ramble, right? As long as you're okay with that, I'd be totally honoured! :)

    1. Well I'm neurotic and say things I shouldn't sometimes - so probably no-one will notice the difference. :)

    2. Fair enough. :)
      Is there anything in particular you want me to ramble about?

      Here's my email:


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