Wednesday, 11 January 2012

More on Noses

As I mentioned in a previous post the nose picking season in my part of the country is from the beginning of December to  the beginning of February. It is now nearly at an end with the best bloom time being around Christmas when there is hardly a function or friendly gathering where there are not noses gracing the tables amid plates of Asian fried noodle salad and tofu kebabs. Hotels and eateries everywhere join in the spirit and celebrate the season with a vase in every room and on every table.

One year we found some noses growing wild in a paddock near us. On our way home from shopping we spied them in a field not two minutes walk from our house. The next day was cool, a relieving break from the heat, humidity and thunderstorms we'd had for over a week. We took a morning picnic (so we could hear the noses take in air) and spent a few pleasant hours wandering the paddock, picking noses and relaxing in the shade under a tree.

Over croissants and tea we played our tin whistles, which the noses seemed to enjoy as they all turned their nostrils toward the music.

It was a pleasant morning marred only by one mishap - not bad when you have two boys in a paddock full of noses. My youngest wasn't watching where he was walking and his right foot entered a cow mine. It was a large one, about four kilos and wet inside with a 10am crust. It took three of us to pry him loose and we all fell back into a patch of noses which snorted, blowing us up and onto our feet again.

Noses are quite responsive to humans.



  1. Oh I do love your pictures! The second one has a whimsical beauty about it.

    I can just imagine your drawings in a story book.


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