Monday, 23 January 2012


Hi and welcome to Jen.

I haven't been around for a while. I've had a touch of 'LOCIMBA' (lack of confidence in my blogging abilities).
I've written posts and there they sit, in my 'postholder'? waiting for the LOCIMBA to pass...

I've been painting - which has brought about it's own 'LOCIMPA'.

I joined a painting group at google+ and have been doing a painting a day.
The group I joined paint/draw an ACEO a day.
ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. They are three and a half inches by two and a half inches, the size of a baseball card in the US? That's why you usually post them with a key in the photo - to show how small the painting is. These are water colours.

From a photo of my boys 14 years ago

From a photo of a friend at the beach

Our pepper grinder

From a road trip photo

From my head

I once told someone that if you want have a go at something then do it even if you can't be the best or think you're no good or (in the worst case) you're hopeless at it - because guess what? you're doing everyone else in the world a favour by showing them they can have a go also, and everyone needs to do that. Even if you make a complete ass of yourself, more the better because it gives other people permission to do the same. Just make sure you can laugh at your failure first, then it becomes a success.

Actually I told myself once that being really bad at the thing I was doing was having the added effect of making the people better than me look even better. It's nice to know you're embarrassment is helping someone out. It's a community service.

There is too much perfectionism going on and not enough silliness.

Do the world a favour and make a fool of yourself. You might make an angel.

People who rub noses make angels



  1. I love your paintings - especially the one of your boys. :)

    I'll have to remember that bit about it being a community service to make other people look good. I do like helping people...

    1. Thanks Skwishee, I like the one of my boys too, except for th(slap!)

  2. Aww Julie, I love your blog and always look forward to reading your posts, as I gawp in amazement at your art.

    I ALWAYS suffer from LOCIMBA, always. But there is such a feeling of genuiness (and no, I'm not sure that even a real word) that I get from your blog, a pervading sense of memories, humour, past and present and of course, sometimes silliness.

    So Julie, I submit to you a short poem:

    Dust off those posts held captive in your postholder.
    Hold them to the light and share in their shine,
    for when you are gone, you are gone to long

    Well I didn't say it was going to be any good!

    1. Lilly - Thanks. I once heard someone say of teaching children that 'Confidence is more important than correctness' but I think being able to laugh at mistakes (aka silliness) goes hand in hand with true confidence.

    2. Oh and I love your Haikuish poem! I'm putting it on my fridge if that's okay.

  3. Love-your-stuff! E-special-ly the angel one, cute.

    1. Thanks Esbboston. I like the angel and I new you would too.

  4. I love your paintings - the lady at the beach was my favorite. Don't succumb to LOCIMBA. IT would be a terrible waste.

    1. thanks Marianne, it's not a very good likene(slap!)

  5. You're a wonderful artist! And, while I can relate to feeling a lack of confidence in blogging abilities at times....the fact is that you drew a picture of a cat being breastfed. And that is all kinds of awesome. If you blogged nothing but that picture, again and again, it would still be awesome. So glad to have found your blog!

    1. Stephanie, I love you! - you made me laugh so much. I will copy your comment into a reminder on my phone and send it to myself once a week!

  6. Hi Julie,

    Thought I would have a whizz around your blog items. I know that this is probably not the correct terminology but I don't know how else to express it. I was feeling a bit lost and hurried and tried to find something that would resonate with how I feel. In Russia they only really have two colours - black and "black". That is the choice the people are given. With freedom comes much responsibility and if people are lulled into thinking they have freedom but within constraints it dulls their senses as they see a very minute aspect of the universe. However, having erroneously entered a state of believing that they actually have freedom to think and act as true individuals free from their upbringing and societal norms they see the world in an egocentric way - but they are not aware of it. I hope a little philosophy won't put you off but push your boundaries a little instead.

    Think about it!

    1. A nony mouse...I'm not sure why your reply is posted here.
      Freedom means different things to different people. I think people who may seem free from the outside may not be in ways that aren't obvious and people who seem to lack freedom actually have more than it seems. Whilst I was in Russia, even though times were tough, the people smiled more than anywhere else I traveled.


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