Sunday, 29 January 2012

In Praise of Paisley

I love paisley.
I love the way it's intricacies and frailties come together in a sort of combined strength to create sublime shapes that say more than meets the eye.
Paisley is like a secret garden that's watching you from within itself, with cheeky plants that form blob like circles in which they dance, giggle and play. You see them moving out of the corner of your eye and then you look...and they're still.

Heaven would be a paisley paradise.
It would have paisley trees with paisley leaves and paisley cows give paisley milk.

It rains silver paisley drops and tears of joy are pink paisley.
Boys in paisley shirts and girls in paisley dresses run and skip amongst paisley flowers whilst eating paisley ice creams.

My favourite between season top is cheesecloth and it has an all over paisley print. It died yesterday morning.

It has a r.i.p. that came out of nowhere, too big to fix, in fabric that has been worn so much it is worn transparent and I nearly have to wear a bra underneath which would defeat the comfort of the loose fitting light cotton. Sad.



  1. Oh I LOVE Paisley. It reminds me of a better time.
    A time of Chopper bikes and metal rollerskates that fit all. A time of wide collars and even wider trouser legs. A time of kiss chase and pulling the legs of Daddy LongLegs, And where Paisley not only adorned our clothes but also our walls.

    Thanks for bringing back happy memories. :)

  2. And fake lashes and 'Busy Girl' dry shampoo spray and real crepe mini skirts that shrunk in the rain.
    Wow, thanks for your comment Lily, it brought back more memories.
    I had a pair of maroon corduroy jeans I loved to death when I was eighteenish that I had patched at the knee with a piece of paisley tapestry.

  3. Hahahaha! Mine was blue corduroy that I patched at the knee with a paisley tapestry! What are the odds?

    You're like the 'ghost of Lily's past'. lol

  4. hop on over to my blog and accept your award.



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