Wednesday, 4 January 2012

In Praise of Bottoms

I'll never forget the first time I went skinny dipping. I don't remember where or when it was - but I remember how it felt. It was one the most freeing experiences I've ever had....except for the time my boyfriend tied me up naked and he went to hockey practice and I had to get the dog to chew the that didn't really happen.

Hello and welcome to Bee Bee, who has a fabulously funny and cute blog.
I read bee bee's bucket list this morning and I thought of something I'd put on my bucket list. I'd like to be one of the models in a photo by spencer tunick . He came to Australia last year and I didn't realize until I saw the picture on the front page of the newspaper. Five thousand two hundred naked people lying all over the steps of the Opera House in Sydney. I hope he comes back to photograph the Harbour Bridge.

I like nudity, all sorts and all ages. If I'd seen more naked young women when I was a young woman I might not have grown up thinking I was weird. I think the more nudity we have, in art especially, the better. It's educational and it takes the pressure off the need to be beautiful as it helps us to realize we are all already beautiful and all different and all the same.

After that first skinny dip it was difficult for me to keep my clothes on, especially around water. When my SOB (Significant Other Being) and I were courting we used to bush walk and swim naked often.

When I became pregnant with my first child we lived in Sydney, in a flat not far from a nude beach where we swam that summer. He and I would walk through the bush past the toilet where gay men mingled with hetero fathers and sons and mothers and daughters and then on down to the beach where whole families lay naked on towels almost shoulder to shoulder. We'd disrobe and I'd bob about in the water, my ball of a baby belly a strange lopsided swim ring that kept turning me onto my back.

I didn't realize until then that there were so many people just like me who wanted to get their gear off. Old men and women, young teens, little children, soaking the sun into the whole of their bodies and letting it all hang loose in the ocean. It was like Eden would be, only instead of a dumb old Tree Of Knowledge there was ice cream!

A fellow who had the good sense to make a profit out of all these crazy naked people got himself a boat, filled it with ice creams and visited our little paradise with a bucket of change and good sea legs. Naked people are very polite.

After my son was born we moved to a hippie country town where we and our children swam naked in the river with our neighbours and their children.

Times have changed it seems and young people don't enjoy the feel of the wind and sea and the sun on the whole of their bodies as much as our lot did.

I'd like to propose an international naked day. One day where we can do naked all those things we normally do with clothes on, riding the bus to school, supermarket shopping, meeting with the bank manager, parliament - I know, the streets would be empty except for me, ha! ha! - one single, white, flabby, saggy, nude 30 - 60 year old female off to the shop with a blonde purse and two empty calico bags...



  1. Ice cream on a nude beach! Now there's an idea. Trouble is our nude beach doesn't have enough people to make it pay. We get the "textiles" coming through now and then too, especially in summer. From your sister Petra

    1. Woohoo Petra! and - WTF are textiles? Is that people with clothes on?


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