Sunday, 1 January 2012


A fellow artist (who does real art and not strange cartoons that only the artist finds funny) and myself are having an exhibition in August this year.
I have worked out without the aid of a calculator that I need to produce about one painting a week to have a goodly number by then. If only I was famous.

It would be fun to be a famous artist. One that's so famous you could draw a line and a couple of dots on a piece of paper, hang it in a famous gallery and people would stand in front of it for an hour and then say...

'ahhhhhhh - so...well, just so....right, isn't it?'

Famous artists have (usually) worked very hard to get famous and they've earned the right to take some time out and produce crappy lazy art for wealthy people to spend their money on. Some of those art works that seem to be 'oh so simple' actually take a lot of time perfecting.

I thought I'd practice being a famous artist so that when I am famous I can be ready with some really snappy crappy lazy art.

This I call 'Bucket Fill in Blue'

This is 'Bucket Fill in Blue No 2'

and 'Bucket Fill in Blue with Green Squiggly Line'

and finally 'Woman in Green'.

There are those who have nothing but criticism of famous artist's crappy lazy art.
They ought to be thankful that they have something to complain about.
Every critic likes to have something to complain about.
It's not cool to like everything.

I'd make a terrible critic - I like so many things...
sometimes especially the simple things, like...
famous artist's crappy lazy art.



  1. I like that Blue Series. When will it be available for purchase? I would like to order it as prints as I am sure the originals are beyond my budget.

    Makes me think of a play several years back (called simply "Art") that ran in London and NY by Yazmina Reza and was about a very expensive all-white painting (it was also about realtionships and friendships, it was a great play). Google it.


  2. I saw this post earlier a few days ago but then blogger wouldn't open it. Then I tried Google Reader, which let me see your artwork and story, so I wasn't sure when it would appear under normal circumstances. Google Reader doesn't appear to allow comments.

    I thought that the third picture appears to be a strange 2 when viewed from just the right angle and amount of alcohol, or powerful hallucinagen. Bravo! Bravo! I have stolen and placed it in my memory. (No, not my computer memory, in my brain)

  3. MOV, will have my first print run as soon as I have my first hundred orders.
    That play looks great, I'm sure I'd love it. I'm one of those people who think everyone's right in any given argument...

  4. esbboston, you had a sneak preview, I'm always clicking the publish button by mistake.


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