Sunday, 1 January 2012


I've had a great time with my new pastime and meeting new amazing people.
One of my new friends MOV gave a link to me in a recent post of hers and my page views that day made a triplet of spikes that rose above the 'Julia' spike by two pv's. These were surrounded by a whole city of smaller spikes. MOV must get a lot of page views.
It's hard to avoid the stat room.
The post on my home page at the time was not the best, so I'm lucky I made two new friends that day.
Welcome, here's a painting I did of a comfy chair for you to sit in.

I sometimes forget manners when I don't mean to.
I say the wrong things to people at the wrong time and then ask myself if I know anyone else who would say that and the answer is almost always no.

A cousin of mine who has the most amazing and natural manners and would never make a hurtful mistake in conversation had been a brick throughout the day of my mother's funeral, 'Thank you for all your help - I hope I can do the same for you someday' I said to her and before I could drag the words back I realized the blunder I'd made as I noticed her eyes flutter and she started to sway a little. Why did did I...what was I thinking?

It happens a lot when I am trying to do the right thing and be polite. I have to learn to edit before speaking so I can at least delay a little my becoming a rambling, muttering bag lady with no sense of decorum.
I have a friend who is the essence of congeniality. She makes you feel wanted when you visit, offers a drink and a comfy chair and listens to your conversation with intent, even the dumb things you say. She doesn't say dumb things.

I tell myself I have a good heart, it's just that on the way from my heart to my mouth the words get scrambled in my brain and meet other words that were left there from sentences I had the good forethought to keep caged. The words party hard and what comes out is a mixture of South Park meets Little House on the Prairie.

When I was younger to a friend with a broken arm I announced...
'Oh, that guy you like? I saw him last night and told him you had a broken arm, he said "it couldn't have happened to a nicer person".'
Truly, I honestly thought he meant her well - that he was sorry for her misfortune. I didn't realize he wasn't keen. I couldn't understand why she hated me for telling her and later he denied having said it to me at all.

I noticed in earlier posts on Gweenbrick's blog that he gave new readers a really nice warm welcome. So welcome to Marianne at 'We Band of Mothers' and Evan who has a blog promoting wonderful fantasy artists.

I have pretended I don't see new followers and have checked them out on the sly out of the corner of my eye so they don't notice because they might run away like a startled wild animal does when you turn around to look at it.

So again, hi and just in case you are large people and can't fit in one chair, here's another - oops, see what I mean.



  1. Your green chair looks very comfy.

  2. both chairs look great (but where is the side table for my glass of wine?????? and where is the glass of wine??????)

    ps--happy new year, Julie!!

  3. I don't know about Gweenbrick, but I'm going to need my own chair. Dibs on the green one. I totally relate to this post. If there's anything my brain tells me NOT to say, I of course say it. Which is why I don't have any friends. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  4. esbboston, the green one is comfy and in the sun in the morning...
    MOV, I've left your glass of wine with the cat at the bottom of the post - Merlot okay? Happy New Year!
    Marianne, (cue Toy Story credits) you've got a friend in me. We bungle mouths have to stick together.

  5. I am new too - also coming from MOV (she has great taste in good blood reads - but alas I am not a blogger - I am just a reader. I am too literal minded to be creative enough to blog - Im a scientist and all I can think about when I try to blog is science stuff and I come to read blogs to get away from all of that! So I am here to read and soak up creativity - hoping one day it inspires me to not be such a stinkin' nerd! Happy to be here!

  6. Cool Jenny, welcome, great to meet you. Most people are creative without even realizing it, even 'stinkin' nerds' - and I bet you don't stink as much as I do...

  7. Hi Julie! Love your watercolors and so happy to have found you.

    Don't worry a thing about putting your foot in your mouth, cause I do it all the time. So, if we stand together and hold on tight between the two of us we'll have two feet on the ground at all times.

    Yeah, sistah. :)

  8. Thanks Wendy. I Love reading your work and can't imagine you putting your foot in your mouth.


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