Friday, 9 December 2011

My Three Little Pigs

This is a cartoon I did that was part of a series telling a different sort of story to the one we usually see portrayed in fairy tales. This painting is called 'The Game'

This is what really happened....

See the wolf with his arms encompassing the pigs in a 'You're my only buddies in the whole world' type way?
See how the pig on the left is looking admiringly at the wolf?
See that the pig immediately to the right of the wolf has his left hand resting on the wolf's knee?
See the pig to the left of the Big Bad guy even has a 'Wolves' flag in his hand?
They trust the wolf.

You're thinking they're bacon! but not in my story, not this time.

The wolf was just playin' with the pigs. They knew he was all huff and puff. It was just a little game to fill in time before the bigger game on the box. And when it's over, no he won't eat them, he'll say goodnight and go out the front door, turn and wave as the piggies say goodnight and shut the door. He'll whistle 'this old man' while walking down the garden path and then, smiling and shaking his head slowly from side to side, he'll say with affection to himself, 'Damn they're sweet little pigs!'


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