Saturday, 24 December 2011

Oh my Dog

If Dog is God backwards then sticks are the devil because my God backwards is scared of them. It's not just a 'someone's going to whack me with one' fear either. If there is a stick on the floor in front of her dinner she will reconsider. Going for a walk is sometimes a problem, she'll cross the road to avoid a stick smaller than her big toe and don't take her for a walk off track - unless you take a broom. If she chases a goanna into the bushes and yelps we know it wasn't the goanna that bit her, it was a stick.

Here with my awkward drawing tablet images (I'm better with paper and a pencil) I illustrate how she sees live snakes.

And this is what the dog sees...

Well, which way would you go?

She can see dead snakes. Dead snakes are something to be rolled in.

We light fires with sticks and she loves a good fire and Hell has those - there, see - more clues to their evilidity.



  1. My Benno loves sticks. Sticks are for throwing, retrieving, dropping, swimming after in the river, carrying about for miles.

    Benno is a huge black labrador, fearless until he comes across a tiny yapper. One of those small dogs that need to make a lot of noise and attack everything in sight. Then his tail becomes invisible, he crouches behind me and says: save me, please, save me.

  2. Friko you must have a lot of fun with him. Sticks are a great exercise machine. I find I get a lot of exercise retrieving sticks for my dog because she won't chase them.
    My dog is small but she doesn't attack other dogs because we don't pick her up and 'spoil' her. She's a bit sensitive with kids though. We rescued her from a home where they were allowed to hurt her.


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