Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Nose Pickers

This is a watercolour I did a while back which I've dragged out to show whoever is out there and not saying anything at all. My SOB (significant other body) says I need more pictures and as he's one of the five people that are following me I will take heed (I nearly wet myself with excitement yesterday on finding I had two new followers - people I don't know). Anyway I thought I outa listen to the SOB, since that makes him a 20 percent follower. Even though he has to follow me, because we're bound by marriage and big noses, if I had five hundred followers and one hundred of them asked for more pictures I'd feel the need to oblige - dream on Julie.

Nose picking is what us Aussies do in summer when the noses are 'running' which is a term we use for the massive blossom season from December to February.

I painted this picture on site at a property not far from where I live.

Nose picking is grubby, hard work, the hairs can stick to your hands, the noses are quite heavy and large and you can only fit a few in a basket at a time.
They are best picked when mature and full as they retain their freshness longer since the narrow stem makes it difficult for them to draw water once picked.

Noses in my area fetch a high price in Sydney so I'm told. We don't grow them ourselves because the soil on our property is too arid and doesn't hold enough moisture for this succulent type of flower.

A good time to view noses is in the early morning when all across the nose fields there is a slow and gentle but strong and deep sucking sound as millions of these curious blossoms take air for the day.. Hold on to your hat!

But the best time of all is at the end of the day just on sunset when an long exhalation flows across the whole valley as noses everywhere...sigh....



  1. I was blog hopping, and came upon your blog from MOV at Mothersofbrothersblog. Read a few of your posts, and decided to comment on this one.

    It is funny what first strikes you about a writers blog. One sentence that can jump out at you, and make you think "hmmm, I like this person"

    ----Well this is the sentence that did it for me!!----"(I nearly wet myself with excitement yesterday on finding I had two new followers - people I don't know)"

    New followers are a big deal here in my household too!I will wake my husband just to tell him that I have a new follower, all the while almost wetting myself. ;)

    Lily at the incoherent ramblings of a moose was my first unbribed,unpaid,person I don't know, real true life follower.
    Took the pressure off of my husband to read my blog everyday, and write me anonymous comments just to make me feel loved ;)

    Great Blog, and I also really enjoyed your post-
    Doors and Windows. Beautiful post, wonderful feeling to it.

    Happy to have found this blog.

    1. Hey, I didn't think of that - getting my husband to write anonymous comments.
      It's always fun to get a new follower and heartbreaking to lose one (I did) but people have all sorts of good reasons to unfollow from a blog/blogs I suppose.


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