Friday, 30 December 2011

Nony Mice

Have you ever wondered who was behind those scathing letters to the editor in the local paper - always signed by anonymous?
Or who it was committing dreadful unclaimed terrorism attacks on unsuspecting innocent people across the world?
Who threw the brick through the window of the supermarket down town and stole cigarettes valuing hundreds of dollars?
Unsigned comments on your blog?

I am proud to present today, a creature which has eluded discovery since the written word and perhaps longer.

This is a nony mouse

Identification - A nony mouse looks just like a common mouse, camouflage for sabotage.

Cute isn't it? Appearances can be deceiving. A nony mouse is the thing responsible for many horrific incidents, rude letters, vandalism and unsigned graffiti every day. Nony mice have infested whole countries especially in war time. And because of their innocent look they get away with it. Examples of their violent actions are documented in the following excerpts from news reports...

- A nony mouse hacking group launched an online strike against government websites today.....
- The governor stressed that 'a nony mouse killing “totally ignores the humanity of their victim,” 
- ...a nony mouse mass murder in Canada...
- ...a nony mouse letter claims responsibility for 18-year-old's killing and threatens further violence... 

My mum used to say the fairies must have done the unexplainable naughty occurrence in our house but now I realize it was probably the nony mouse.

Buuuuut, nony mice aren't all bad...

How often have charities received huge sums of money from a nony mouse?
People have been rescued from burning buildings by a nony mouse.
Every year thousands of valentines are sent by a nony mouse.
And beautiful poetry like the following has been written by a nony mouse...

I eat my peas with honey
I've done it all my life
It makes the peas taste funny
but it keeps them on the knife

A nony mouse

Yes, nony mice are quite erudite as shown in the recent film 'A NONY MOUSE'  which exposes the real author of Shakespeare's works.

So the next time you get an unsigned love letter from a secret admirer OR a burning paper bag of poo on your doorstep think twice - it could been a nony mouse.



  1. A nony mouse told me to come and read your blog, wonder what was the reason behind that?

    Hm, puzzling . . . .

  2. I know, it was that nony cat; she's getting very hungry.

  3. Maybe a Shakespearean sonnet will satisfy his appetite?


  5. Wow, I'm really excited, I've never had a nony mouse visit me before. You've made my day!

  6. PS Nony mouse - I hope you like my drawing of you, you sounded an ominous nony mouse.

  7. Sometimes because of what we have to say, taking on the persona of a nony mouse keeps us somewhat protected or employed in some cases. Activists can sometimes be nony mice ethically as long as they don't use the nony mouse cloak to spread hurtful things or harm others I believe. A nonny mouse who criticises a person's blog whilst cloaked is a coward however. I like your blog.

  8. Giggles and titters, thanks WHutch.

  9. As a nony mouse, I would like to say that I am glad you are spreading awareness of our existence. I love your blog, don't get me wrong.

  10. Well it's nice to know you nony mouse.


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