Saturday, 24 December 2011

Nativity no 9 - warning: contains anthropomorphism

I know it's probably common knowledge but...Dog is God spelled backwards.

Some people say Dogs don't go to heaven. I have to agree because Dogs are too loving to ever invent something like hell and heaven is right here if they have a dead snake to roll in and someone to scratch their back.

This nativity scene is scanned from a book by one of my favourite artists, Michael Leunig. He's brilliant and I love him.

Much has been said about the good qualities of Dogs...

- They are all forgiving. As evidenced in the following bad joke someone told me...
If you have to choose between your partner and your dog, you just lock them both in the boot of your car for an hour. The one who's pleased to see you when you open the boot is the one you keep.
- They are happy with the simple things - an afternoon kip, a meal at the end of the day, sniffing other dogs' bits.
- They like to do a good job - mostly in my son's room.
- They tell the truth and if we had tails we would too.
- They can heal the sick. I read somewhere that American Indians used to keep a dog in camp to lick the wounds of warriors after battle, their saliva was considered to have a healing effect. The other people in my house don't believe me. I think when I was little my mum thought she had healing saliva also.

Dogs have changed the world as this quote from Wikipedia says ' It is not known whether humans domesticated the wolf as such to initiate dog's divergence from its ancestors, or whether dog's evolutionary path had already taken a different course prior to domestication. For example, it is hypothesized that some wolves gathered around the campsites of paleolithic camps to scavenge refuse, and associated evolutionary pressure developed that favored those who were less frightened by, and keener in approaching, humans.'
If dogs hadn't befriended us we could all be walking the cow instead.

Dog is Love
All you need is Dog
May Dog be with you

If God is Dog backwards then maybe we could hear the voice of God if we play the sound of a dog barking backwards. And we could see God if we film a dog walking backwards, but it would be difficult to get a dog to walk backwards, and silly.



  1. There is nothing quite like a wonderful dog. I have only met a very few in my entire life that didn't eventually warm up to me and became friendly in a brief time period. I love my current dog Cooper very much, he is my wonderful friend and nearly constant companion. He understands so many things in a seemingly exact manner.

  2. Yes, they know the truth. Hi to Cooper.

  3. I just leaned over off the couch and told him, "Julie from Australia says Merry Christmas and Hi!" He momentarily lifted his head off the floor as I spoke to him. It is a little after midnight here and he wants to go to sleep. He had to spend the evening away from us while we had a dinner with guests who brought their tiny puppy. (My children) So I am very glad he is back at my feet.

  4. Ahh, see - he knows me already.


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