Thursday, 22 December 2011

Nativity no 8 with more Balls

I was in my son no 2's room last night and noticed these guys on the shelf above his computer.

I know it's a stretch of the imagination but these are my nativity scenes.

Of course if you know your Dragon Ball then you'll know that's Goku on the right and Super Saiyan Goku on the left with his progeny Gohan in front and a Dragon Ball as the star of Bethlehem - it's really quite deep. It's a sort of father, son and holy ghost nativity.

This one is coming in on tip toes since after yesterday's gay nativity I wasn't smote down and have no hate comments and have lost no followers.



  1. Oh! It was gay? Then I hate it! (Just teasing you. You sounded neglected.)

  2. Yes so sad, nobody hates me...How can I feel neglected when I have you Esbboston? thank you for saying you hate it even if you didn't mean it...

  3. Hah! Here is a holiday funny: the teleBision was left on here in the bedroom and as I woke up the Frasier show was on which I wasn't listening to, until everyone starting screaming negatively, "Merry Christmas!"

  4. Were they hitting each other over the head whilst screaming it? I don't know that show, so I had to do some research. I watched an episode on utube - one where he pretends to be Jewish. It was very funny. He has a dog like mine.


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