Thursday, 22 December 2011

Nativity no 7 with Balls

Happily, or should I say gayly, here I post forthwith a nativity scene from Jesus In Love with their permission.

I know I will have to deal with the wrath of God (or not) for doing so but I'd rather deal with the wrath of God than the wrath of some of the nutters they have to deal with over at Jesus In Love.

I've just learned how to make links and will do so willy nilly (note: good pun for talk of Virginal births) from now on - there's a joke in there somewhere.



  1. Oh How I love that picture!

    Also jealous because you've worked out how to make links and I still haven't mastered the art yet.

  2. Hi Lily. Those chappies are very sweet aren't they?
    To put a link in a post...
    In post edit click blue Link button in toolbar under publish, enter text in 'text to display', copy and paste URL in 'to what URL should this go?' hit OK. Easy peasy.

  3. I don’t believe that you need to worry about the wrath of God. Queer Nativity images are true to the story of Christmas -- Jesus born in an unusual way and born into disreputable circumstances. God bless you!

    Have fun with links! They are one of my favorite features when I'm blogging.

  4. No KittKatt I don't really think I have to worry either. Some people have a strange idea of Him - either that or their God is a dick. Bless you also.

  5. Hey Julie, it worked! You are officially a goddess!!

  6. Lilly...How? What? Really? I didn't feel a thing!


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