Saturday, 17 December 2011

Nativity No 2 plus

Here's Nativity number Two.
I was playing Terraria with my son last night...

I've ignored his invitations to play it for some time now but found I really enjoyed it. It was a bit like going camping with him but on the computer. Not that we chop down trees and mine rock and build houses and shoot zombies and meet killer slime when we co camping...

Edit: Later that day...
Then, this afternoon, my son showed me he's much better at this game than I when he produced the following uber nativity in which he made a very nice baby J (some people might think I'm swearing, although I've found if you say Halleluiah after taking the Lord's name in vain you can get away with it, but you have to be quick).

Mary "Where did this come from?'
Joseph: 'Don't know but it's not mine'
- which is probably what they really would have said.


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