Friday, 16 December 2011

Nativity no 1

My mother died a couple of years ago.
It seems to me that Christmas died with her.
She made Christmas Christmas

My Children have grown into teenagers and adults.There is nothing in the house to say it's Christmas except the three Christmas cards lost in the clutter on the kitchen table. I just don't have it in me and I'm not the only one of my mothers daughters that feels this way.

I was in Spotlight a few weeks ago and the the abundance of Christmas prints and Children painting baubles  drove me to tears and I nearly smacked a Santa.

In an effort to rediscover Christmas I've set myself a challenge. 
I will create a Nativity scene each day from now until Christmas using whatever I see around me, 'cause God is everywhere, right?


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  1. Hi Julie, just wanted to say that I love your blog!

    I did have a lot to say about it being poignant and funny at the same time but my brain is still dead with the horror of wiping up 10 year old vomit. (Blasted child flu)

    Anyway, I'm now following. (states the obvious):)

  2. Hi Lily, so nice to meet you. I used to have a lovely big stainless steel bowl for mixing the Christmas pudding in and needed a bowl large enough to contain the splash of a child's vomit.
    I'm not allowed to use it for pudding anymore. One day when the kids leave home I will be able to use it again. I hope your 10yr old is well soon.


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