Sunday, 11 December 2011

My Snow White

Just to prove my mind isn't all sunshine and roses this is my version of that story.

Snow White was an alcoholic.
She was drunk as a skunk the day the woodcutter took her into the forest.

The seven dwarfs were on their way home from tending their dope crop when they found her under a bush singing Halleluiah.
The dwarfs took her in and helped her dry out but her evil step mother disguised as a beauty consultant came by when they were out harvesting. She happened to have a crate of apple cider with her and it was a hot day. Snow White fell into a magic drunken sleep after only six bottles...

Snow White was history - after all, what prince in his right mind would kiss a paralytic house cleaner with seven husbands let alone marry her?

When Snow White came round she just said 'Whatever" - she had grass to last and a man for every day of the week!



  1. This is hilarious! I suppose I shouldn't mention that my nickname throughout my 20's was "Snow White on Crack," eh? (:

  2. I'm not sure which picture in my head to go with, the one of a super mad house cleaning whiz girl - or the one of a paralytic virgin! there must be another, you'll have to fill me in sometime. Glad you like it Marianne.


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