Tuesday, 13 December 2011


We have a broody chook. I haven't told her yet, but if those eggs she's sitting on aren't cooked by Christmas Day they won't be seeing next year. They will be aborted (thrown against a tree a loooong way from our house). By Christmas she will have had way more than the three weeks it takes to produce her balls of fluff and I'm not even sure the eggs are fertilized.

I don't think I've ever heard the expression 'like a broody chook' before but it seems a fitting simile for a lot of occasions.
Depression - 'Cripes Jenny's been holed up in her room for days - she's like a broody chook.'
Determination - 'He won't give up 'till he wins - he's llike a broody chook.'
Laziness - 'Don't just sit there in front of the telly while I do all the work - you're like a broody chook!'
Stupid - 'Length times breadth multiplied by two, remember? - gawd you're like a broody chook.'
Buddha's friends would have said - 'All he does is sit under that bloody tree all day - he's like a broody chook.'

Chooks are amazing when they're sitting. I go down each day and lift her off, put her to one side and collect any eggs that don't have a cross on them. She doesn't mind, she's there for the duration. The other two chooks sit on top of her and lay their eggs, she doesn't care - the more the merrier. She doesn't eat or drink and the rooster doesn't bring her a cuppa or anything, not a worm, still she sits.
We can learn a lot from a broody chook.

The next time someone's annoyed at you because - no you don't remember the equation, just think of the broody chook. Would she be upset about that? No - she'd just relax and wait for the memory to come.

When someone is angry at you for taking some time out on the couch, remember the broody chook. Just concentrate on the show at hand and they'll go away eventually.

If someone doesn't appreciate the finer aspects of your brilliant personality, just think of the broody chook, would she mind if someone criticized the way she sat?

And when you're depressed or sad or even angry, pack up all your cares and woes and put them in an egg. Then sit on it for twenty one days, by the end of three weeks you will have forgotten all about them and you'll feel a whole lot better. 


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