Saturday, 3 December 2011

Getting Stoned

A friend of mine, into all things righteous, has been suggesting all month that I watch a certain movie. I always get suspicious when he does this because it usually means he wants to teach me something....

I'm not ignorant – I know there are things going on in the world that aren't right. I know there are people  (which include all the helpless such as women, children and elderly) in the world who are being bullied, robbed, bashed ,tortured, raped, sodomized and murdered... and there are women getting stoned – not in a good way. 

I know there are things that happen that shouldn't be allowed to happen and like everyone else in the playground I stand in the shadows watching and thinking quietly (so the bullies don't hear me) 'thank fuck that's not me'.

The stoning of Soraya M tells the story of a woman in a small village in Iran wrongly accused and convicted of adultery. Cue mouth watering victimization here. 

It's not that I don't care about people less fortunate than me it's just that when I watch things like this it doesn't help anyone. It makes me feel afraid of the world and I'm afraid of feeling afraid of the world. I like to think that people everywhere are like the people I know - kind, generous, thoughtful, smiling when they don't feel like it, returning wallets they've found (containing over a hundred dollars but with no ID inside) to people they had to track down using a doctors business card crumpled in the back behind Spotlight and Anaconda.
I like to think we have hope as human beings, hope in that happily ever after type of way - we're all nice inside really – aren't we?

My friend had to trick me into seeing this film. Whenever he mentioned the title he would say 'You should watch this movie I saw, Soraya M something or other”
Oh – It's really good

Next week...

Have you watched Soraya M yet?
You should.
Because everyone should.
Are you trying to teach me something?
No, it's just a really good story.
Does anyone get raped in it?
Not reeeally
Is it violent?
Only for a few minutes.

There are many clues there but the biggest is EVERYONE SHOULD.
Not just me - EVERYONE

The ironic thing is that I missed the opening title for grabbing a chocolate coated vanilla ice cream from the freezer and so didn't know what the film was really called until I was drawn in for five minutes and then took it back to the beginning. By the time we got to the stoning 'prelude' I was shaking and trying not to show it.

Oh no...
Don't watch it then
You can turn it off – you don't have to watch this bit.
I thought you said -
It's not really a person in this scene they used 'real doll' that looks really real.

I had just invested all my emotions into it being Soraya M real person in ground getting smashed to bits and he wants me to click to 'real-doll'-dummy in ground getting smashed to bits.
I didn't lose it, I told myself 'its a 'real doll' and they're all actors and I can see that child who's playing her sensitive son trying to keep a straight face as he lobs a rock at his mum - he's in his first ever movie and probably throwing it to an off-camera director'.

I controlled myself.
I had invested a goodly amount of my emotions in Soraya M – I had to see her get smashed to bits – I don't know why but the reason could be scary..
and I wanted to KILL the people killing her.
I wanted to put them in the ground and smash rocks on their heads. I wanted to throw rocks at my friend, and at the Television. I felt a rush of violent vengeance and hatred that was exciting and powerful.

When it was over and I had destroyed half the house and a good section of the front garden in my head and my friend lay bleeding on the couch I felt relieved it was finished. When she (Soraya M) was finally dead I was glad I'd watched it.

Can someone please tell me what happened here.



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