Monday, 26 December 2011


Once there was a girl imprisoned in a billboard on top of a taaaall building in the middle of a vast city.

Her name was Beauty.

She had been trapped by a wicked advertising executive.

Beauty was forced to lie scantily clad on top of her cold skyscraper looking out on the city, her only hope that one day her prince charming would come to bring an end to her loneliness. At night the flickering lights beneath her added to her yearning as they told a story of lovers united below.

Many men would see her from afar and attempt to get to her and win her charms but on entering the buildings every morning at 9am would fall under some spell, then leave at 5pm in a sort of stupor only to repeat their struggle day after day.

The wicked advertising executive would climb Beauty's tower each day and taunt her with his balance.

One day there came a champion. He rode a giant red horse. Effortlessly he scaled the tall building next to her and placed himself at her feet. She was instantly captivated by his allure. She was saved.

They lived happily ever after, at least, until the next ad campaign.



  1. What would be great for the next ad campaign: The pictures of The Beauty and The Beast stay in the same spot, but their slogans get reversed.

  2. ha ha - shame you can't read the comments before the post gets published!


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