Sunday, 20 November 2011

Why am I here?

Edit: I notice I have a lot more page views for this, my first ever blog post and  the others are much better, maybe.
Is it the title?
'Why am I' here is a question that draws people in perhaps. I don't think I have an answer you would like. Sometimes I think we are all just filling in time until we find out the answer to the end of the story. It's how we fill in time that's the thing. It may as well be doing the thing you like to do. I like to draw and write. At the moment this is what I'm doing to fill in time.

My First Post

Well, here I am doing gawd knows what with a blog. 

Just playing around with this at the moment and seeing what can happen. Crikey I'll try anything to make something happen!

I once read a book called 'Something Happened'. Nothing happened in it until near the end when something terrible happened.  

This is really scary, I see today that people have looked at my blog and I haven't said anything yet...

I want to say something really profound that will change your life and make you see things differently, like a good drug, but I don't think I could come up with anything as good as some things that have been said in other places already. But I can draw something nice...

There are some really good blogs around....

Hey! - I could write a blog about good blogs, be a blog reviewer or something.
I'll start with my own...

"'Feeding the Cat' is not about feeding cats. The owner of this blog hasn't explained why this blog is called 'Feeding the Cat' yet, in fact the owner hasn't said anything at all. I wonder if they even have a cat." 

Edit: If you want to know about 'feeding the cat' go to 'about'.

For anyone who has found this blog because they were looking for information about what to feed their cat I will endeavor to mention cats in my posts to avoid your disappointment. 

Publish ahhgg!


  1. Hi there, you sound just like me - hey you are me!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Just seeing what happens when you press buttons and stuff

  4. I didn't realise your blog was so new! (Because obviously, I am not very observant :P )

    1. Just a babe in the woods...well...maybe a babe at heart.


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