Friday, 25 November 2011

U.D.C.S upside down clock syndrome

Another late night, there weren't so many frogs last night. They must've been all stuffed from the night before.
No, can't blame the horny little shameless (check the way they show you their anus when their sitting on the outside of a window) green, slimy, noisy but sweet (yeah like to a snake maybe) things for my lack of sleep most nights lately. It's not just me awake either.

Most of the members of our house have become prey to UDC (Upside Down Clock) including me.

It's computers. They connect us to people. People who are still awake.

How can we sleep while everyone else on the other side of the planet is awake?
How can teenagers here rest their little keyboard fingers while teenagers there are clacking away – right now! - as I write – at two in the morning?

Globalization has made us aware of the fact that while we have our eyes shut, across the other side of the world there are people doing business. 

Over there people are packing boxes with stuff we've bought from them to send to us - who are sleeping...
They're getting the edge on how to use a WOMD in that computer game - while we're dreaming...
They're making more friends than us on facebook...
They're feeding their cats.
They're fornicating like the frogs outside my window last night...

We don't know whether people on the other side of the planet sleep or not, that's not important - it's the stuff they're doing standing up awake that is important and they're doing it while we are meant to be resting and, since we're one planet and 'we are all connected', then going to sleep at the proper time is like hunkering down in a corner of the lounge room for a kip at your own all night party. 

No, the answer to UCD is the same as the answer to noisy, wakey, wakey, fornicating frogs...
Tell your subconscious to forget about what's happening outside your window and on the other side of the world, come back home, pull the plug and...DISCONNECT!

- In a small voice 'I will probably be plugged back in tomorrow'.

Edit: I see that upsidedown  is not a single word. I had a niggly feeling it might be and I'm glad it's not. My initialization would become UD which sounds like an almost-contraceptive device. Probably UCD could be considered one, with everyone too tired for anything between the sheets except sleeping.

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