Wednesday, 30 November 2011

To Russia with love

I'm only new at blogging and forgive my ignorance but I've noticed that nearly a quarter of my blog views are from Russia and I have no idea why or even how people are seeing my blog anyway.  I presume it's mostly by accident through feeder thingy s.

I think it must be very cold in Russia at the moment because it's very hot here 'hey let's talk about the weather!' and you'd all be inside keeping warm, drinking vodka, watching u-tube and reading strange blogs from Australia.

I was in Moscow in 1987 on the 70th anniversary of Revolution Day. Me and my fellow 'Intourist'  travelers huddled together on the footpath outside the hotel we were staying in that was right opposite Red Square.

It was a magic morning for being in Russia (nee USSR) - cold, bleak and there were hundreds (it seemed) of real tanks driving down the street right in front of us! It was like the whole of the armed forces were there. Men in uniform... I have a fantastic photo of two of them talking to each other in front of a huge building sized backdrop of some guy with a mustache...

I remember westerners used to say there was no colour in Russia (nee USSR) and that there was only black, white, grey and sometimes Red.

But I knew your secret. I knew that your lack of colour was due to a lack of advertising. I knew that the lack of colour in your streets gave you the brilliant colour in your faces.
I loved your colour.

How was  the 25th of October this year? No more parade? Have things changed now? Were people busy shopping on Revolution Day - now that you have 'colour'?


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