Tuesday, 22 November 2011

M.E.O.W. (Making Everything One Word)

WTF (World Trade Federation) are we doing? OMG (Online Marketing Group) is life too short for whole words? Then I find out we've been doing it a long time - and maybe longer than that, probably since we could write, well at least since SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus).

Of course it's a writing thing that then becomes a speaking thing as long as the letters form something that can be said without turning your mouth inside out. The ones that you can't say without sounding like you're drunk are not acronyms, they're only initializations. To make an initialization into an acronym takes skill or at least a mastery of vowels. I'm going to group initializations and acronyms under the heading of MEOWS here 'cause it's easy to say and write.

But how far can we go with this? MEOWs like LOL and WTF have already crept their way into common speech. Will MEOWs become a part of everyday language?

'I took my 2YO to the SM. He wanted a BOL and I said NO and he threw a TTM. I carried the kicking and screaming LB out under my arm ASAP.'

Luckily most of the commonly used MEOWs are superfluous or SPFS and therefore don't often need to be understood to get the full meaning of the 'sentence'. Though I'm sure there are some exceptions as in...


Which is 'I could of course be wrong but I think I'm pregnant'.

I'm sure your BF or SO would want to get the gist of that - or maybe not.

And with our PM JG going to CHOGM recently I realize England's running on DC and Indians have MS. Outside CHOGM Greece is still using LP and Americans have BO.

I found a site that boasts more than 500 million acronyms and initializations (AAIs I know - but MEOWs still sounds better..

Although I find most MEOWs annoying (because I don't know WTF they mean), there are probably a lot of well known MEOWs that I like without realizing because they've been around so long I'm used to them. TBA is an oldie but goodie - and OK is great. I don't like cricket but I like the sound of LBW. I hate FYI because it sounds so 'I know it all' (IKIA).

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