Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's Christmas - not!

If you look around you and keep your ears open you could be forgiven for thinking it's Christmas. Well hey - guess what?

Christmas Day is the 25th December!

I know they call it the Christmas 'season' but that's just an excuse to make it last all summer.
Who wants it to last all summer? - people who sell stuff do.
We don't - that's all of us here at 'we are'.

Having Christmas start so early for us just means the stress starts earlier, the pressure of loneliness for a lot of people starts earlier, and that, that, that music starts earlier. I know they've tried to disguise it over the years with people like John Farnham and other 'I've got no other gig' performers, but Silent Night Holy Night will never be anything else but Silent Night Holy Night and I don't want to listen to A Very Happy Christmas by John Lennon EVER again.
Actually it's probably made shopping faster - I have to hurry through the aisles crazily grabbing the weeks groceries in order to get out before I hear it a second time. I'm sure if I heard it a second time I'd start to mutter and drool and my eyes would glaze over. Then I'd wander around the supermarket in a stupor until January.

But Christmas is in trouble...

Do you know what will happen if it keeps creeping backward into October, September and maybe August?
Who knows what might happen it we let it slip away.
It might meet itself coming the other way - from Christmas past!

After Christmas we have the post Christmas sales and then a good month of Christmas holidays for the kiddies.
Probably another three months, if you're lucky, before the toys you bought them break, that takes us to the beginning of May just two months from the beginning of the new extended Christmas season.

There...a disaster just waiting to happen.

Christmas present backing up into the year behind it, Christmas past coming forward and then CRASH!
It would be carnage! Bits and pieces of Christmas all over the year...- the victims unrecognizable in the debris.

Little bits of Peace and Joy scattered all through the calendar.
We'd be nice to each other all year...



  1. I agree Julie - like your thoughts and your art (make me feel so slack)
    your old friend

    1. Colleen, so excited to hear from you, I don't know how you found me, find me on google+ too. How slack am I - still haven't got a recent pic of my family to send you.


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