Monday, 28 November 2011

Have a 'Sexytime'

I was thinking on my walk with the dog this morning on how to bring a lot of people to my blog. Like the bandipig (see 'Gouda come home') I need a herd too.

I wondered what the most searched word might be and I got to thinking that if I filled a post with the max amount of the word and put it in the title that it might draw an audience.

I thought everyone would be looking for sex - that's what advertisers often use to sell their products.

I'm not really selling sex here - but neither are those ice cream ads (that I haven't seen for a while actually) in which a helpless defenseless ice cream has fellatio forced upon it by a gorgeous lithe young booby girl (who probably picks her nose while driving to the doctor to have her herpes looked at and doesn't even have sex with the light on and wouldn't do fellatio on her boyfriend anyway for fear of developing a cleft palette).

These ads seem to be selling sex eh? But who's buying?

I wonder if men buy as many ice creams as women do? I buy ice creams, and imagining a girl doing that  to me doesn't make me want to buy 'sexy time' ice creams, not really - Oh! - I suppose they mean for me to imagine that when I eat 'sexy time' ice creams that I am - you know - doing that to my significant other! - and that will make me want to buy a 'sexy time'? Would this sell more ice creams to women? Maybe it didn't work and that's why they don't show these sort of ads much anymore...

Why don't they have a guy performing fellatio on a 'sexy time' ice cream?

I know now since typing the word fellatio so much that it is spelled with two Ls and I know the answer to the question 'Why don't they portray a guy performing fellatio on a 'sexy time' ice cream?...

Is it A, B or C?
A. More heterosexuals eat ice cream than do gays..
B. Cunnilingus is not as popular as fellatio.
C. Men buy more ice creams than women..

Edit: I've discovered after a quick min search that - surprise surprise! Sex is not the most searched word - what was I thinking? According to one site it's 'domain'.

domain domain domain domain domain domain domain domain domain domain domain domain domain domain cat


  1. I got a lot of hits with "penis"...

    1. Penis? Really? penis penis penis penis penis.............


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