Friday, 25 November 2011

Gouda come home

My son's pet bandicoot guinea pig has gone missing.

When he got the pet we used to tease him by calling it bandicoot instead of guinea pig.
We all got so used to calling it a bandicoot that now it's difficult to think of it as anything else.
I don't know why I say pet bandicoot guinea pig. After all there's no other sort of bandicoot guinea pig is there? I mean I wouldn't say my son's wild bandicoot guinea pig has gone missing.
We don't have wild bandicoot guinea pigs in this country as far as I know. If we did you'd never know because they'd all be hiding from us.

I tried to talk myself into thinking it was a cool pet but really I just felt sorry for it.
The best thing it had to offer as a pet was that it was soft and furry.

We looked and looked.
We looked for two days, a bit, well not as much as we could have because the only way to find a lost bandicoot  guinea pig is if you happen to be standing right next to the thing it's hiding under and wait for half an hour - at least - until it stops being afraid and sticks it's head out.

But we live on 25 acres.

It went missing last week for a night also, but it's been two this time. And it's raining.

You might be wondering how it can escape? Why isn't it locked in a four by four cage waiting for food and water each day and watching us roaming free past the grill as if that's all it's got to look forward to?
It's because I felt sorry for it being in a cage and so I left it open, a little, just so it wouldn't get the idea that it was all go and lose it's head in the confusion of the big openness. 
I'd heard of other bandicoots guinea pigs free ranging. But that was with other bandicoots guinea pigs - which would have kept them all feeling safe, a herd, like little cows...

Surely it couldn't be that silly - it went looking for other bandicoots guinea pigs?

The first time it went missing we called out in guinea pig language 'OOOWEEP! OOOWEEP!' to it for the first day and on the second day I was walking down to the chook yard and said aloud and with conviction 'IF YOU COME BACK I WILL GET YOU A FRIEND!'
And then a funny thing happened that no-one else but the pet and I was there to see...
She ran across in front of me and hid under the chooks water tank!

We caught her with a carrot - how she's still eating those things I don't know - and put her in a nice comfy fresh straw filled bed in her cage.

After a few days of pampering and attention (of which no-one can ever tell a pet of that type likes) we got lax with the door again because it is nice to see an animal free.

Well now she's gone again and because it's raining she will be hiding in the dry with other creatures hiding in the dry and I feel guilty because I didn't keep my promise - because she's two years old and I didn't want to play pet piggy back with another animal being left when she's old and then dead and then I'd have another lonely pet of that kind that I'd have to find a friend for.

Her name was/is Gouda.


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