Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dear Mr Lifeguard

Dear Mr Lifeguard,
thankyou so much for saving me last Sunday. I felt at the time that I would be swept off to New Zealand to visit my sister if you hadn't been there - but I would have been DOA.
I was completely unaware at first that the sea had it's hand under me, fingers ready to pluck me from the surface and take me to it's bosom. I'm not much of a morsel and was easy pickings.

Mr Lifeguard, although a scary episode, I'm glad I was given the chance to be a good 'guinea pig' (as you said later on the beach), and glad I gave you and your fellow red and yellow capped knights of the undertows an opportunity to see what was going on under there, so you could move the flags down the beach before all those tiny apprentice knights were swept away.
I'm incredibly impressed by your immediate response to my inaudible plea to fellow swimmers that I was in trouble - although you could probably read my lips as I was only about three meters from where you were standing on the beach...
No sooner had I uttered the words 'I think I'm in trouble' then you were there on your trusty yellow steed.
I'm sorry you had to have your face in my baggy board shorts bum on the way in to the beach and sorry you had to be polite and look into my face when I said thankyou even though there were boogers hanging out my nose.
Sorry also if I embarrassed you when I 'Whoopee d!' on the wave we rode in to the beach.
I know you and I will never form a bond other than the damsel in distress and knight in shining armor but I have to tell you that when I was in the water and scared and looked into your gentle eyes and heard you calmly say 'hold on to the board and have a rest' I felt I was the luckiest flotsam in the sea.

Edit: sorry no cat- ha!

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