Monday, 21 November 2011

Cat naps

I used to live in Manly, Sydney a long time ago. I lived on the Northern Hill and shared a house with my boyfriend. He didn't care much for cats and those of you who do should not read the following.

People who don't like cats probably shouldn't either. But if you don't care either way or have a slightly sick sense of humor then go ahead.

I'm fully aware I run the risk of the handful of people who viewed my empty blog and have come back to see what I feed my cat will reduce to a few fingers.

A long time ago in a suburb overrun with cockroaches far away...

I lived in Manly and after catching the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly wharf each day we'd walk home if it wasn't raining. I guess my boyfriend wouldn't have enjoyed the walk if it was raining, because...

There were a lot of pet cats in Manly and at least eight of them between the jetty and our house in Quentin Road. They liked to sit on fences sunning themselves in the afternoon glow.

Each afternoon my boyfriend enjoyed walking casually almost past them and then, with a well aimed push (he was a hockey player) he would cut short their sun bath.

Please - I am not a cat hater and they were never hurt. I wouldn't have stood for cruelty – it was funny though. I must have a sick sense of humor.

Besides I know cats are clever and, well, they were back each afternoon – so they must have enjoyed it.

I know I probably shouldn't laugh (still) but it's one of those things you know you shouldn't do like laughing at funerals – no I don't laugh at funerals but a friend of mine has difficulty keeping a straight face whenever she knows she has to and funerals are one of those times.

Publish - AArgghh!

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