Wednesday, 30 November 2011

And the word was...

Once upon a time there was a planet covered in computers all connected to an animal called the 'Internet'. The people who lived there kept feeding the computers words and pictures. ..

The food was sometimes quality stuff, full of goodness and providing the Internet with roughage, proteins and vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining Internet health and well being.

But mostly the food was highly processed mass produced junk, the sort that tightens your gut and gives you flatulence.

The Internet became constipated ie. it was full and couldn't pass a stool.

All the words and pictures inside it rumbled around trying to find a way out.
They fought violently with each other.

It was a massacre.

Their blood all mixed together and formed an acid, giving the Internet something to aid digestion, break down the words and get things moving again.
Finally the Internet felt one coming.
It did some pelvic floor exercises to aid in elimination.

The Internet felt it would be a very large word.

With a lot of groaning and muscle control the Internet passed the biggest word it ever had.passed and the word was...

cat - ha!


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