Saturday, 26 November 2011

And she did!

Can you believe it? this afternoon, two hours before dark, I heard a strange bird that sounded like a bandicoot guinea pig (see previous post 'Gouda come home!') but not close enough to the sound to convince me it was our lost little girl and besides it was coming from up in the trees not under them.
I know animals of this type cannot climb trees. They have enough trouble climbing very small stairs.


She appeared! She sauntered out of the bushes near her cage and made a dash for cover next to it.

Now, after losing our little bandipig (much easier to write/say) for three days in near torrential raining cats and dogs type rain, in snake season, on 25 acres of bushy land, I'm incredibly impressed with how she has survived. She's a wonder. She's brave and fearless and strong and clever, she's a SUPER bandipig! She doesn't need a friend!

Yes she does. So she can teach it how to be brave and fearless also!

And besides I made a promise...

Seeks the company of other female guinea pig to share 25 acres of NSW north coast untamed bushland.
You will have adventures!

I hope the adventure part doesn't put them off.


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